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It is H-1B Season!! Do Not Delay the Deadline is 4/1/16 To File!!!

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Do you have a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent?


Will you be working in a “specialty occupation?”


Will you be earning a wage?  


The H-1B visa has an annual numerical limit, or cap, of 65,000 visas each fiscal year. Cap numbers are often used up very quickly, so it is important to plan in advance if you will be filing for an H-1B visa that is subject to the annual H-1B numerical cap. The U.S. government’s fiscal year starts on October 1, 2016. H-1B petitions need to be filed 6 months before the start date, which is April 1, 2016 for an October 1, 2016 start date.

To be eligible for H-1B status, you must (1) have a minimum of a four-year university degree or equivalent; (2) be paid at the prevailing wage for the job and location of employment; and (3) the job must require a minimum four-year university degree (specialty occupation).

When submitting evidence to USCIS, it is important to fully and clearly explain how the submitted evidence establishes eligibility for petition approval. The more clearly the petitioner can articulate his or her eligibility, the more efficiently and consistently USCIS can review and process the petition and determine eligibility for the benefit sought.

BOILA’s experienced immigration attorneys will prepare and file all the required documents for foreign professionals and U.S. companies applying for the H1B visa.  Don’t delay if you or someone you know meets the requirements; contact BOILA immediately to begin the H-1B process. 

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