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Dear Mrs Danielle, I wish to express my deepest appreciation for the meticulous job you did to prepare me successfully to obtain a visa to join my husband in the USA. We are very happy and grateful. I will collect my visa on Thursday 1/18/18. Happy New Year and wish you God’s blessings of good health to enable you continue to serve humanity.

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Dear Danielle, Thank you for all the world you have been doing for me since 2005, I am so very grateful. You've helped me take care of all of my important immigration matters. I still continue to follow your advice and monitor my status and any updates from USCIS. I did not think I would be able to obtain citizenship, but you made it a possibility. Please express my sincere appreciations to Murielle, Laeticia and to all your staff for all of their help.


Hi Danielle, I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank you and all the BOILA staff, past or current (from Adrianne, Maureen, Regine, Colleen, Holly, Samantha, Helena, and anyone else that I may have missed) for all the advocating and the support that you have provided me and my family over the years. It was not always an easy road, in fact one filled with many bumps and hurdles along the way. But, I am forever grateful for all the work that you have put in year in and year out for a successful outcome. For this holiday season, I wish you and the BOILA family continued success in your endeavors; may the dedication and commitment you have demonstrated for your clients continue to propel you to excellence. My best wishes for you and your families. Thank you Danielle for everything!


I was seeking an Attorney for permanent residence in the U.S. and a friend suggested BOILA as they were known to tackle challenging cases. I then called and arranged for an appointment. My case was carefully assessed and set up. I received a personalized service and professional support from the BOILA team. I can testify that the competence, professionalism and sense of empathy displayed by Danielle Beach and Patricia Wonda make the BOILA firm unique, and were instrumental in suggesting the most appropriate path to follow in my particular case. I unreservedly recommend their legal services.


Dear Danielle, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all that you and Terese have done to keep me here, in believing in my situation and fighting for me and giving me the opportunities this country has to offer. Its been a long battle but worth the wait . My life seems to have a positive perspective now.


 Dear Mrs Oswald and team, Thank you for being there for me through my immigration journey. As you may be aware by now. I was approved US citizenship and will be taking the Oath on September  19. Words will never be strong enough to express my gratitude, I wish to say thank you to ALL those who have contributed to today's result. A special thank you to: George: for helping put the application together.  Terese for all the support today, I am happy and relieved this is behind me now.


There is something I learned from my experience with BOILA: your case will NEVER be just another case. You WILL receive the attention you deserve from professionals who understand your situation.


I thank you all so much for the good work, and for making me a free person in the US.


I received a call from your office today – they were trying to find out if I received my work authorization; that made me feel really special because I thought that you had forgotten about me after all this time and it made me certain of the fact that I was and always will be in good hands with you handling my case.


It took a lot of preparation, a lot of work, and then we went to court and my case was a big success. I am very satisfied and grateful for what she did for me.


I want say thank you for your services. I went to sleep last night deeper than I have ever done in over a year and my heart is at rest. Thank you once again.


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