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The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced that it will be giving grants of almost $8 million to organizations that prepare immigrants for the citizenship process.

Last year, USCIS only awarded $1.2 million to 13 organizations that help to prepare immigrants for citizenship.  This year, however, USCIS is awarding $7.8 million to 75 organizations in 27 different states.  This money is divided between two granting programs.  One of them provides funding to local community-based organizations who help prepare immigrants for the naturalizations process, while the other gives funding to national, regional, and statewide organizations that help immigrants on the path to naturalization. 

In addition to all the money USCIS gave out in grants, it also launched an online Citizenship Resource Center that provides free resources not only for immigrants, but also for educators.  These resources include lesson plans, practice tests, and various teaching tools for the naturalizations civics and language tests and for the interview itself.

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