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End the Secure Communities Program

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DeportationIt’s time to put S-Comm on ice.

For Norma, for Isaura, for Maria, for all the survivors of domestic violence and innocent people swept up in this dragnet, it’s time for a freeze on the flawed and failed so-called “Secure Communities” mass deportation program.

Last year we started to expose the damages and the dishonesty of s-comm. People didn’t believe it was shakeable but now the program is facing an investigation and coming under fire.

Earlier this week, the LA Times and Huffington Post broke a new story. A contractor responsible for much of the program’s expansion spoke out and indicated a cover-up from the top on down.

He said in a letter to Congresswoman Lofgren, “I believe key elements in the ICE correspondence [to you] are inaccurate and misleading… ICE painted itself into a corner and needed someone to blame.”

Even before he came out, the Governor of Illinois already decided to pull his state out of the program because of the damage it caused and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus has called on President Obama to freeze the program pending investigations.

Nationally we’re calling for a halt to the program. Sign the Petition to put a freeze on S-Comm now.

Please sign and spread the petition so that we can bring this engine of mass deportation to a halt.

And if you haven’t already, plan on joining organizers and community members from the front-lines of the S-Comm fight at the Turning the Tide Summit in Virginia next week. Sign up today before registration closes.

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