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Senate Proposes Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act

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United States SenateOn September 30, 2011, approximately 1,884 Liberian nationals who have been living in the United States will be at risk of removal if Congress or the President do not act. Since 1991, the United States has  provided safe haven to thousands of Liberians who sought protection a result of Liberia’s devastating civil war. Liberians have started families, established careers, paid taxes, and become valuable members of communities across the United States. They should not face return to a country that is still rebuilding after a lengthy conflict.

This week, Senators are urging President Obama to extend Deferred Enforced Departure to allow eligible Liberians to remain in the United States. In April, Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) and Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN)-5 introduced the Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act of 2011, a bill that would allow Liberian migrants to become permanent members of our communities.

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