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Deportation Halted for Some Students as Lawmakers Seek New Policy

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Immigration and Customs EnforcementAfter passing MD Tuition Bill and many other states as well as politicians favoring relief from deportation for students, it is a small but good sign to hear that new policy at ICE  may be on the horizon.

Homeland Security officials have said their focus is increasingly on removing immigrants who are convicted criminals. That, in fact, is what an ICE official told Ms. Zanella in explaining the new decision in her case.

The agent said ICE “was supposed to be concentrating on criminals, not on Dream students,” said Ralph Isenberg, a Dallas businessman who advocates for immigrants and made it his cause to prevent Ms. Zanella from being deported. Mr. Isenberg’s challenges to ICE had kept Ms. Zanella in the country even after the final date for her deportation in February.

“As long as I do well in school and stay out of trouble, I will be out of trouble with ICE,” Ms. Zanella said she was told. She has to report to ICE every month.”

Julia Preston, NYT, Apr. 27, 2011.

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