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EU Refugee Quota Plan

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The European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker announced in an annual address, a new comprehensive plan to assist EU countries in responding to the growing number of migrants fleeing internal conflict and civil war in the Middle East/North Africa region.  The United Nations’ refugee agency, UNHCR estimated that more than 336,000 refugees and migrants have crossed the Mediterranean sea to the European continent so far this year.  This journey has proved to be extremely dangerous as overcrowded boats capsize, drowning its passengers.  For those who make it across the sea their futures are still uncertain as each European nation differs in their approach to asylum seekers.  As the migrants wait they face harsh border officers, extreme overcrowding, and a severe lack of basic necessities

In recent months countries throughout Europe have been subject to chaotic scenes as large numbers of migrants have crowded boarders and in some instances violently collided with security forces, such as on Hungary’s southern border with Serbia where migrants broke through police lines and forced the closure of a main highway.


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