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States Want Strict Immigration Law That Virginia Already Has


By: Stephen Koerting* Arizona’s Immigration Law S.B. 1070 made national news when it was passed by state legislation in 2010, and again when the Supreme Court sustained the law’s centerpiece in June of this year. Ever since the inception of the Arizona law that stirred national attention, several states have called for their own tough […]

Supreme Court Sustains Arizona ‘Show Me Your Papers’ Provision, Blocks Remainder Of State’s Controversial Law


By: Stephen Koerting* On Monday, June 25, the Supreme Court ruled on the controversial Arizona Immigration Law, S.B. 1070, from 2010. The Court unanimously sustained the central “show me your papers” provision that requires state law enforcement to determine the immigration status of individuals they have stopped or arrested, if an illegal status is reasonably […]

Utah Government Employees Release Private Information of 1,300 Immigrants


by Bryan Catalano and Andres Gonzalez, Beach-Oswald Immigration Law Associates PC [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vkCVdPMkxg] CNN reported on July 22 that “The Utah attorney general’s office has announced a criminal investigation into the leak of immigrants’ personal information.” In a shocking display of disregard for people’s basic right to privacy, it has been reported by the Washington Post […]