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Most Americans Say a Prayer before the Clock Strikes Midnight on New Year’s Eve

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by Teresa Neumann


Polls shows a majority of Americans will say a prayer on New Year's eve.

And most Americans will stay home too.

A new Rasmussen Report poll reveals that a “strong majority” (66 percent) of Americans will say a prayer on New Year’s Eve. And, if you are not going out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, you’re not alone. The poll also revealed that most Americans don’t celebrate the evening outside of their home. (Photo: Wikipedia Commons)

According to a CNS News report, the survey found that “the percentage of those who plan to pray (66 percent) on New Year’s Eve is larger than the respective percentage of those who are going to drink (42 percent), attend a party (21 percent), and go out for dinner with friends or family (18 percent) to celebrate the new year.”

In addition, the survey found that “Black Americans are also more likely than whites to say a prayer before 2011 begins.”

Link to the CNS News report: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/poll-most-americans-won-t-party-or-go-ou

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