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What Happens Now When a Migrant Seeks Asylum At The U.S-Mexico Border?

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The T.rump administration has adopted a new policy called the “Migrant Protection Protocol.” This new policy will radically reduce number of migrants seeking U.S. asylum.

 Under the process an asylum seeker will head to a legal port of entry to ask border agents for asylum while some others to avoid a waiting list, cross the border illegally and turn themselves in to the first agent the see to ask for refuge.

The asylum seekers are normally given interview with an asylum officer in order to determine if they have credible fear of persecution in their home country. If they pass the credible fear screening, they will file for asylum claim before the immigration judge who decides on the merit. Some immigrants are detained during the wait time to be seen by judge while other are released on bond.

However, this new policy, MPP will send the migrants to wait in Mexico during the U.S. process court. The new rule cuts off the possibility of U.S. asylum for almost all migrants arriving at the southern border. According to the New York Times, DHS and DOJ have now expanded the program to include Laredo and Brownsville, Texas and have built massive temporary tent facilities in both locations that will soon function as virtual courtrooms for MPP cases.

Unfortunately,  not only  asylum seekers are now forced to wait in Mexico for their proceeding but, with the location of these new tent facilities by the ports of entry in Laredo and Brownsville  put  them in extreme danger as the two areas have been designated  by US State as “DO NOT TRAVEL” warning due to crime and kidnapping.

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