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Updated News that could affect ALL Travelers (Visa holders, Refugees and LPRs):

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Friday evening, a federal judge in Seattle, Washington issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) with nationwide effect blocking the Trump Administration’s Executive Order on travel and visa issuance. This TRO means that visas which were provisionally cancelled should now be valid for use. Refugees granted approval should now be allowed admission and visa applications being held up solely by the Trump orders should now be issued. It also means that DHS personnel will resume inspection of travelers in accordance with standard policy and procedure; including Lawful Permanent Residents.

This is just a Temporary Restraining Order, so we will have to wait and see what comes of the judge’s decision. It may be very difficult for the injunction to be granted given the President’s authority with regard to the enforcement of immigration law. We are also going to have to see whether CBP officers across the country are adhering to the TRO. We understand that the Department of Justice plans to file to lift TRO. We will keep you posted on all developments. Be sure to follow our Facebook page.


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