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TPS for Yemen Extended for 18 Months

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has extended the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for nationals of Yemen for 18 months.  The TPS extension will be through March 3, 2020.  Over 1,200  Yemeni will now be able to renew their status.

DHS has declared Yemen as the “world’s worst humanitarian crisis”.  Yemen has been in a civil war since 2015 and the country conditions have only worsened since then.  In addition to the violence resulting from the war, Yemen has also had one of the worlds worst Cholera epidemics ever recorded, as well as a host of other diseases such as Diphtheria.

The extension of TPS for Yemenis was needed in order to protect these nationals and insure they’re protected and stay out of harms way.


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