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Restarting “Remain in Mexico” Border Policy in November Under Court Order

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The Biden administration is preparing to restart a Trump-era policy regarding asylum-seekers, wherein asylum seekers must remain in Mexico until their asylum hearing date in the U.S. This policy was denounced by the Biden administration and now they are looking to reinstate it as long as the Mexican government accepts.

While the administration is bringing back a Trump-era policy due to a court order, they are determined to ensure that migrants are treated fairly and address any concerns the Mexican government may have. The proposed changes, the officials said, include ensuring migrants have access to lawyers and legal information; a “general commitment” to complete court cases within six months of a migrant being returned to Mexico; and expanding the categories of asylum-seekers who can be considered too vulnerable to be returned to Mexican border cities plagued by rampant crime and violence. The Biden administration did not want to reimplement the Remain in Mexico policy, but are obliged under a court order.

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