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Presidential Memo On Asylum

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On April 29, 2019, President Trump issued a Memorandum on Additional steps needed to be taken to render the Asylum System more efficient and enhance its integrity. He stressed on the unprecedented Immigration Crisis our nation is facing which has turned into a humanitarian crisis mainly due to the mass arrival of asylum seekers in Caravans coming from Central America. He deplored how this crisis has undermined our country’s security and safety, while costing it a lot of money. The President was however quick to point out our nation’s desire to ensure legitimate asylum seekers can have access to all the benefits that they qualify for, but illegal migrants on the other hand, will be removed.

Thus, he went as far as to propose that asylum seekers be charged fees just for asking for protection and that all those who entered the country without being checked at a point of entry should not be granted a work permit. With respect to those whose asylum petition has been denied, the White House recommends the immediate revocation of their work permit and the restriction of any other form of relief they could consider getting from a judge. Ultimately, they should be issued a final order of removal.

The White House urged Kevin McAleenan, the acting secretary of homeland security and Attorney General William Bar to impose these new restrictions and attacks on asylum seekers at the southern border within 90 days.

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