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New Hope for Asylum Seekers Turned Away at Border

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A federal judge has agreed to allow the case, Al Otro Lado v. Wolf to proceed as a class action suit. The 14 plaintiffs and their representatives can seek relief for themselves and the thousands of asylum seekers that have been turned away at the borders.

Under the Trump Administration’s Migrant Protection Protocol, thousands of asylum hopefuls have been sent back to Mexico for unknown periods of time to await their court hearings. Additionally, in the name of COVID-19, the administration has sent numerous adults and children to Mexico.

In the above-referenced case, the federal judge determined that CBP turning back asylum seekers was an overarching policy to further the administrations objection against the asylum process.

This class action lawsuit is a step in the right direction to ensure the U.S. continues to be a country welcoming asylum seekers and refugees.

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