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New EOIR Memo Further Limits Legal Advocacy to People Facing Deportation

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The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) released a memo about the role’s attorneys in immigration court. Specifically, about the role attorneys can have when assisting individuals in court but not fully representing them.

The EOIR memo, Legal Advocacy By Non-Representatives in Immigration Court, released on November 21, 2019, specifically addresses the agencies that provide one-day attorney services to individual – including children, facing deportation.

The memo limits the roles these attorneys can play on behalf of the individuals in immigration court. The limitations include:

  • filing or accepting legal documents
  • helping individuals admit to certain facts or legal charges
  • telling the court what rights the individuals intend to exercise
  • introducing new issues to the court

The memo states that these individuals, including children, must complete these portions on their own without attorney representation. Instead of ensuring that the thousands of individuals currently facing deportation are given the best opportunities to plead their cases, the new memo is making it more difficult and further confusing the roles of the attorneys.

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