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Immigration Judges Leaving Due to Current Administration

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Our nation is facing a serious humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border with thousands of migrants seeking legal asylum but are paralyzed by draconian immigration policies enforced by the Trump Administration. As a result, a number of Immigration judges are quitting or taking an early retirement, Buzz Feed News reported Wednesday, February 13th 2019. Another driving factor behind these immigration judges’ exits is the staggering backlog of over 800,000 cases. They are not happy with new quota systems and limits on granting asylum. For Judge Richardson, a Phoenix Judge “the relegation of judges to the status of action officers who deport as many people as possible” was just too much to bear. They feel that under Trump their jobs have not only become politicized but also “it has become so emotionally brutal & exhausting” especially having to witness families being separated, children being put in cages. “Morale has never, ever been lower” one judge said.

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