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Government Reopening and the Fate of Dreamers

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With the Senate voting to reopen the government, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has assured there will be an  open debate and vote on a solution for Dreamers by February 8th.

Although Senator McConnell has assured that there will be a vote on legislation for Dreamers, he has failed to confirm or name a specific piece of legislation the vote will be held on. Meaning, it is not clear which parts or concepts of the bills the Senators will be voting on.

Thousands of DACA recipients have already lost their deferred action and work authorization since the Trump administration ended the program in September 2017 and thousands more are set to lose it in the coming months.

The decision to reopen the government on Monday has upset many,  who took a strong stance in favor of the Dreamers, as time wasted.  Congress’s inability to address this important issue is an abdication of its responsibility and will likely not be forgotten.

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