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Explaining the Proposed Public Charge Rule to Clients

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On September 22, 2018 the Trump administration announced a proposed rule that would prevent immigrants from being eligible for permanent residency simply because at some point in the past, they received some type of basic health care support, nutrition assistance, or other vital services.

Under this proposed rule, millions of intending immigrants will be ineligible from securing lawful status in the U.S. Additionally, the American economy  will suffer greatly due to the large number of hard-working and entrepreneurial immigrant that will be prevented from obtaining permanent residence. The U.S. economy will  be weakened by creating unnecessary barriers to lawful status.

Moreover, the direct harm the proposed rule would cause to the U.S. economy, the USCIS case processing time delays will only further increase. This rule would impose a massive administrative burden on USCIS that would only exacerbate the delays.

For now,  it remains only  a proposed rule. It is not the law – yet.  Once it has been officially published, the public will have an opportunity to submit comments in opposition.  Until then, the rule is simply another attempt by the Trump Administration to  fundamentally change our immigration system for the worse.

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