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DHS Creates Body to Address Best Practices in Law Enforcement Techniques

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The Department of Homeland Security recently formed the Law Enforcement Coordination Council (LECC). This is the department’s first unified law enforcement coordination body to assess law enforcement matters including law enforcement policies and trainings. Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas will chair the LECC.

The LECC will form two subcommittees. The first one will review department-wide and component-specific policies, such as de-escalating tactics, the use of chemical agents (i.e. tear gas), and other non-lethal weapons. This subcommittee will work to ensure that law enforcement agents execute their missions properly and lawfully. The second subcommittee will review the law enforcement trainings, techniques, and curriculum. This team’s focus is to provide rigorous training for law enforcement officials, prevent implicit bias, protect civil rights and liberties along with the respect for privacy, enhance de-escalating techniques, prohibit profiling, and promote community engagement

These goals were made with DHS’ commitment to evaluate and improve its law-enforcement policies to protect the rights of civilians.

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