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DHS Announces Commitment to Enhance Protections for Stateless Individuals in the US

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The Department of Homeland Security announced its commitment to adopt a definition of statelessness for immigration purposes and enhance protections for stateless individuals living in the United States.  Through the adoption of a standardized definition of statelessness, the Department will ensure it can recognize unique barriers encountered by stateless persons and better identify and protect such individuals.

“Statelessness presents significant humanitarian concerns that require a careful and thoughtful response specifically tailored to the distinct and diverse needs of stateless persons,” said Secretary Mayorkas.

As an initial step, DHS will adopt a definition of statelessness for immigration purposes and build a process for making statelessness determinations.  In coordination with the Department of State, DHS will work to identify and catalogue barriers to legally available immigration relief and benefits faced by stateless persons.  DHS will explore possible avenues to reduce or eliminate such barriers.  DHS also commits to establishing a process to increase the data available on stateless persons in the United States and will examine the means through which DHS could facilitate work and travel for stateless persons.

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