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Democrats ask federal watchdog to examine ‘unprecedented’ immigration backlog

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On Friday May 10, 2019 over 80 democratic lawmakers wrote to the Comptroller General Gene Dodaro, calling for an investigation into the Trump’s administration’s staggering backlog at USCUS which has now reached 2.3 million cases. The last time such an extreme slowdown occurred was after the 911 terrorist attacks under the Bush administration. The democrats voiced their dissatisfaction with the situation, suspecting this administration to purposely delay the process which grants eligible immigrants access to their rightful immigration benefits.  For instance, now permanent residents seeking to become citizens may have to wait for up to a little less than 3 years. 

Jessica Collins spoke up to defend the USCIS, explaining that they are facing “extraordinary demand” hence the long waits. Wanting to be reassuring, she emphasized on the actions undertaken by the agency to ensure the efficient and timely adjudication of all the pending applications, petitions, and requests.

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