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COVID-19 Infections Surge by 520% Inside US Immigration Detention Centers

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Since the start of 2022, COVID-19 cases inside US immigration detention centers have surged by 520%. As of January 15, over 17,000 immigrants were being monitored or isolated due to COVID-19. This number represents 8% of the immigrant population in detention centers.

According to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) data, more than 32,000 immigrants have tested positive for COVID-19 so far and 11 have died. “Booster dose distribution is low because the average length of stay for individuals in ICE custody is about a month — well below the eligibility requirement,” the agency said. “For instance, if an individual receives their primary vaccination while in ICE custody, most individuals are no longer in ICE custody when they become eligible to receive a booster 2-6 months later.”

While the number of ICE detainees who have received a vaccine has more than doubled since August 2021, the agency did not say how many immigrants currently in custody are vaccinated.

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