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CBP-The New Big Brother

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Customs and Border Patrol (“CBP”) launched an app called CBP One in October 2020. This app was created by CBP to streamline the I-94 process at borders. The three main uses for the app as stated by CBP are to: merchants can make appointments for cargo inspection, foreign travelers can apply for I-94 records, and organizations in Mexico can verify whether individuals are enrolled in the Migrant Protection Protocols. The CBP One app is free and the cost of applying for an I-94 using the app is $6, which is the same cost as applying on the I-94 website or at a port of entry.

This app uses facial recognition technology, which raises concerns over immigrants’ rights. The facial recognition technology can be used to monitor and track immigrants in the country. Whether CBP plans to use this technology as a monitoring device is unclear. Currently, the American Immigration Council (AIC) has submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request asking CBP for the records relating to CBP One and the technology behind it.

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