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Bill Introduced to designate Cameroon for TPS

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On October 12, 2021 US House Representatives Lofgren and Johnson introduced the Cameroon TPS Act of 2021, which would designate Cameroon for TPS for 18 months. This would allow Cameroonians in the United States to file applications for TPS as of the date of enactment.

TPS or Temporary Protected Status is intended to protect foreign nationals in the US from being returned to their home county if returning would put them at risk of violence, disease, or death. The US Department of Homeland Security is the agency which makes the TPS designations. TPS designations may be given in 6, 12 or 18 month increments.

The Representatives argued that the designation is needed due to the ongoing armed conflict and conditions that make it dangerous for Cameroonians to return to.  Cameroon is experiencing at least four ongoing armed conflicts – which include state-sponsored violence, nonstate transnational terrorism, and widespread human rights violations – making safe return to the country impossible. According to the Human Rights Watch, an estimated 9.3 million people in Cameroon are in need of humanitarian assistance.

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