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BIA Ruling on Copyright Infringement Pushes Moral Turpitude Too Far

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The Board of Immigration Appeals’ recent ruling that copyright infringement is a crime involving moral turpitude that can lead to deportation has some experts concerned the board may have gone beyond the limit of what traditionally fits the bill for such crimes. This ruling came after a man appealed his deportation order after being convicted of infringement for selling pirated CDs.  Many immigration experts have raised concerns about the BIA’s ruling and argue that is extends beyond the traditional  crime involving moral turpitude.

The BIA said criminal copyright infringement was “closely analogous” to the theft and fraud violations it has deemed CIMTs. People who share digital copies of copyright works may not be in danger of being convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude under this ruling.  This case simply highlights the core confusion over what qualifies as  CIMTs.


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