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Non-Profit Blames Maryland’s Fiscal Problems on Immigrant Children


By: Margarita Baldwin* In a recent article “Anti-Immigration Group Blames Students for Maryland Budget’s Gap” written by Walter Ewingand published on www.  Immigrationimpact.org web site (one of the American Immigration Council Project), the author sharply criticizes the conclusion made by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).  FAIR asserts that unauthorized immigrant students or students […]

Senate Dems To Obama: Stop Deporting DREAM Act Students


Posted April 14, 2011 from Huffington Post WASHINGTON — Leading Senate Democrats, including Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.), called on the president on Wednesday to stop deporting undocumented young people who grew up in the United States. A letter signed by 22 Senate Democrats asks President Barack Obama to use his executive authority to prevent […]