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Same-Sex Marriage Becoming Mainstream? What Does it Mean for Immigrants?


By: Helena Coric*  The 2012 Presidential election produced great advances in the fight for marriage equality as legislation passed in the states of Minnesota, Maryland, Maine, and Washington. The significance of these results is that for the first time voters supported the measure at the polls, instead of it simply being limited to the authority […]

Statistics Emphasize the Dangers of Over-Simplifying the Deportation Process


By: Helena Coric* The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) recently released some striking information about U.S. federal immigration enforcement. The data is effectively broken up by nationality, geographic location, year and type of immigration charge. It provides a better understand of the deportation proceedings. Listening to media reports on deportation statistics under the Obama administration […]

Non-Profit Blames Maryland’s Fiscal Problems on Immigrant Children


By: Margarita Baldwin* In a recent article “Anti-Immigration Group Blames Students for Maryland Budget’s Gap” written by Walter Ewingand published on www.  Immigrationimpact.org web site (one of the American Immigration Council Project), the author sharply criticizes the conclusion made by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).  FAIR asserts that unauthorized immigrant students or students […]

Immigrants Contribute to Maryland Economy


A recent report from The Commission to Study the Impact of Immigrants in Maryland found that immigrants have a positive impact on Maryland’s economy. The foreign-born population makes up nearly 14 percent of Maryland’s total population. This number is above the national average of foreign-born people in the United States, as well as the foreign-born […]

From Governor Martin O’Malley’s Office


This week, after two years of planning and discussion with our Administration, the U.S. Department of Interior formally launched the process that will bring renewable wind energy generation to the waters off the coast of Ocean City. The announcement marks another step forward for our new economy.  By harnessing the outstanding wind resources off of […]

Beware of Immigration Fraud


A brief article on the risk of hiring a person posing to be an Immigration Lawyer as a scam, and how to avoid such risks.