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Going Paperless! New Arrival/Departure-Record I-94 Process for Foreign Visitors

Going paperless


The most significant white I-94 card stapled to the visa of passports for nonimmigrant foreign nationals in land and seaports around the United States is a familiar image to many travelers.  This form is used to prove admission to the United States and determines the length of time one many stay. The United States Customs […]

I-94 Goes Paperless


  By: Helena Coric* A recent decision by U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the end of October 2012 initiated the process to go paperless for the I-94 Form. The I-94 Form is the card used to indicate the date of admission, status, and authorized period of stay in the passport of a foreign […]

Asylee Benefits: Once you have been granted asylum what can you expect?


Derivative Asylum You have two years from the grant of your asylee status to file for your minor children under 21 and your spouse regardless or whether they are in the US or  overseas.  Failure to do so would foreclose this option to have them granted asylum.  If your child is over 21 at the […]