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Immigrants Contribute to Maryland Economy


A recent report from The Commission to Study the Impact of Immigrants in Maryland found that immigrants have a positive impact on Maryland’s economy. The foreign-born population makes up nearly 14 percent of Maryland’s total population. This number is above the national average of foreign-born people in the United States, as well as the foreign-born […]

Anticipation: Prosecutorial Discretion – What happens next?


Is ICE trying to implement prosecutorial discretion which I thought had always been exercised and a prerogative or is this a “show and tell” display to meet a mandate? Specifically, ICE’s efforts have been focused on a pilot program in two cities for illegal immigrants whose cases fall under the jurisdiction of the Baltimore Immigration […]

Where does the Republican front-runner stand on immigration?


With victories in both Iowa and New Hampshire, many political pundits are predicting that Mitt Romney will receive the Republican nomination for the Presidency.  Although Immigration is likely to be a hot topic and has been highlighted by many of Romney’s GOP rivals including Texas Governor Perry, Romney has largely stayed silent on the issue.  […]