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Arizona Anti-Immigration Legislation Creates Fear in Latino Residents


[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvSpeDTTCVw] Frighteningly antiquated laws have been proposed in Arizona state legislature that are as oppressive as they are unconstitutional.  S.B. 1070 includes clauses that would require officials to check the status of a person they deemed “reasonably suspicious” without any regulation or monitoring.  Such a clause not only encourages racial profiling, but it also forces […]

Children of Immigrants Suffer, Too – Part 4


Many children of immigrants came to the U.S. at a young age and were educated through the American public school system. Is it right to deny them the opportunities that are taken for granted by everyone else?

To Deport or Not to Deport: The Pros and Cons


There are currently two ways of removing illegal immigrants from the United States: One way is to make living conditions so unbearable that they return to their country. The other is to directly deport them. But at what cost?

Children of Immigrants Suffer Too


According to the Urban Institute, the fastest growing segment of the United States’ child population is that of children born to immigrant parents. This has created the issue of children with the right to remain in the US while their parents stand a daily chance of being deported.