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Asylee Benefits: Once you have been granted asylum what can you expect?


Derivative Asylum You have two years from the grant of your asylee status to file for your minor children under 21 and your spouse regardless or whether they are in the US or  overseas.  Failure to do so would foreclose this option to have them granted asylum.  If your child is over 21 at the […]

O & P Visas and their Requirements


O Visas    The O Visas are set aside for aliens with extraordinary abilities in science, arts, education, business, or athletics, certain aliens accompanying or assisting those aliens, and their family members. Some requirements are: The O nonimmigrant must intend to work in their area of extraordinary ability or achievement. No numerical cap is placed on […]

DV-1 Lottery Selection and how Marriage Affects the Winner


After DV-1 Lottery selection, what happens if the DV Lottery winner marries? 1.) For any changes (i.e. change of address, marriage, or new child) after winning the DV Lottery, the winner will need to update the Consulate detailing the new information. 2.) They will also need to pay additional immigrant visa fees for the new […]

Visa Fee Increases Alongside a Proposed 10% USCIS Fee Increase


The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have proposed an increase in the filing fees for certain applications.  Generally speaking, the fees will increase by 10% for most applications and three new fees will be added.   See us for quick efficient work before the fees go up.   In 2007, USCIS increased all filing fees […]

Hardship (I-601) Waiver Becoming More Transparent


The I-601 Waiver or Inadmissibility is a waiver that certain persons can file if they entered the US illegally  or other fraud issues in order to be able to enter the US or to be eligible for a green card or naturalization.  Unfortunately, the I-601 waiver process has been a very lengthy one.  To solve […]

Baltimore and Arlington Immigration Court Statistics


In the Arlington and Baltimore Immigration Courts, the percent of asylum cases denied has steadily declined since 2005 (with the exception of a few judges). Not only has there been a steady decline, but there has been quite a large jump within the courts.