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What is the New I-485 Adjustment of Status Fee for a Child Under 14?

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The new filing fees go into effect on November 23, 2010   AILA is aware that the USCIS Fact Sheet does not list the filing fee for a child under 14 years of age. However, the Federal Register notice announcing the new filing fees indicate that where the child under the age of 14 is applying concurrently with a parent, is a derivative applicant, and is applying based on a relationship to the same individual as the parent, or under the same legal authority as the parent, the new filing fee will be $635 The fee of $985 for an I-485 applies for a child under the age of 14 whose I-485 application is not submitted concurrently with that of the parent, or is not based on derivative status, or is on a basis other than that of a parent.


AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 10110935 (posted Nov. 9, 2010)

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