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We the People – Celebrate September 17 as Constitution Day

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  by Danielle Beach- Oswald, Managing Partner at Beach-Oswald Immigration Law
On September 11, 2010, I was in Philadelphia at Constitution Center, a wonderful museum that explores events in our Constitutional history though the present time. As I walked out onto Independence Mall, I was fortunate enough to see and hear Governor Ed Randell of Pennsylvania with Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders of the community speak words of TOLERANCE

September 17, 1787 marked the final drafting of our Constitution and it is the oldest written Constitution in the world. It was drafted by James Madison, the 4th President of the United States. Both the Constitution and our Declaration of Independence were conceived, signed and promulgated in Independence Hall in Philadelphia. This beautiful Georgian edifice is said to have been designed by another of our Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton.

Yet, when the Constitutional Convention met in 1787, the founders of our nation were far from agreement on several key issues such as state rights and slavery. In fact, it took five years for all signators to finally sign our treasured document. Benjamin Franklin wrote “our cause is the cause of all mankind”. These words remain true today as we struggle anew with Constitutional issues and tolerance.

A few more words on the Constitution – by Lusy Lisyanova, Legal Assistant at Beach-Oswald Immigration Law

On September 17, 1787, the founding fathers of our nation signed the Constitution, which has been the pillar of our nation for 223 years.  Over the years, our Constitution has been so successful that many countries have used it as an example for their constitutions.  The reason for its success is because it can, and has been, amended.  Thus, it’s a live document that will keep growing as our nation progresses.  We have our founding fathers to thank for this wonderful document that has kept our country functioning successfully for so long and which will continue to do so.  Take the time to celebrate the anniversary of the day of the signing of our Constitution.  To see a list of Constitution Day events taking place, please visit: http://www.constitutionday.com/




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