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Is United States’ decision right in closing 22 Embassies across the world?

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The decision taken by U.S government of closing the22 embassies and consulates across the parts of Africa and Middle East, stretching towards south of Madagascar and as far as East as Oman, has been under scrutiny. Barbara Starr in her article in CNN has emphasized that the reason behind this decision was the blasts in the U.S embassy in Turkey in the month of February 2013. U.S government has regularly kept note of terrorist’s movements under its radar. Recently there was an intercepted message among the Al Qaeda operatives which led to alarm, forcing the U.S government to close the Embassies. The time period of the attack is unknown due to which most of the embassies in parts of Africa and the Middle East may be closed for the month of August.

This decision by the Obama government has been under check and has caused mixed reactions between the U.S officials. But the reality is that the step of closing of the 22 embassies over such a broader area has never taken place in the history of any country. In an interview to CNN, Christopher Hill, a former U.S ambassador to Iraq stated “I have never seen embassy closures ordered across such a broader area”. There have been instances where the U.S government had closed its Embassies in a particular country but closing it over such a broader area is in fact unprecedented.

The focus of U.S government should be on countries that require extreme security attention like Yemen and Egypt and not on the rest. The country itself is recovering from an extreme recession period, but the government, rather than fulfilling the needs of the people is spending excessive amount of money for securities of its embassies and consulates across the world.

During an interview to CNN State of the Union, Adam Schiff, a Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, stated that “We are doing this to protect our people.” Without the knowledge of clear locations and exact timings of attack, it is tough to determine how the United States government is planning to protect the people. The lack of surety of timing of closure makes the decision even more questionable.

The country is repeating the same mistake, it repeated 12 years ago, when the worst terrorist attack happened, killing thousands, destroying the World Trade Center in New York, damaging the Pentagon and shaking financial markets and businesses around the world. United States government needs to understand that, the terrorist attacks can take place anywhere in the world including the United States itself. This is the reason why government needs to focus on their own security and have trust in the ability of other countries to provide the required security to the U.S Embassy and consulates across the world.

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