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Hardship (I-601) Waiver Becoming More Transparent

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The I-601 Waiver or Inadmissibility is a waiver that certain persons can file if they entered the US illegally  or other fraud issues in order to be able to enter the US or to be eligible for a green card or naturalization.  Unfortunately, the I-601 waiver process has been a very lengthy one.  To solve this problem, the process is becoming more transparent, and USCIS is making the following changes:

  • All I-601 waiver applications will be processed in one office, as opposed to several different places.
  • I-601 waivers can now be filed concurrently with I-130s to speed up the process.
  • I-601 waiver cases from overseas will become prioritized, as they have become very backlogged.
  • Improved and easier to follow instructions will be posted by USCIS on how to expedite the I-601s.
  • Consular processing offices and USCIS will work together more efficiently and coordinate better in order to process the waivers faster.
  • USCIS employees will now be able to request for the immigrants’ electronic files once an interview date has been set in place.

Once they are implemented, these changes will make the I-601 process much simpler and speedier.

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