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From Governor Martin O’Malley’s Office

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This week, after two years of planning and discussion with our Administration, the U.S. Department of Interior formally launched the process that will bring renewable wind energy generation to the waters off the coast of Ocean City.

The announcement marks another step forward for our new economy.  By harnessing the outstanding wind resources off of Maryland’s coast, we can create thousands of green collar jobs, reduce harmful air pollution, and bring much needed, additional clean energy to our state.

Wind energy provides the unique opportunity to utilize jobs that exist and adapt them to a new, emerging industry that will secure our energy future and put hardworking moms and dads back to work.  Maryland is well positioned to move forward and become a leader in this industry – an industry fueled by the cause of cleaner, greener energy – thanks to the tough choices we’ve made together over the last four years that have transformed Maryland into one of the leading clean energy states in the nation.  In fact, Maryland is one of only two states to have reached the point in the process announced by the federal government this week.

We’ve set the bold goal of creating or saving 100,000 green jobs in Maryland by 2015.  The development of one gigawatt of wind energy in the mid-Atlantic region could lead to the creation of up to 4,000 clean energy jobs, and 800 more once the turbines are spinning.

As we emerge from this national recession stronger and more quickly than other states, Maryland remains well positioned to capitalize on our new economy thanks to the skills and talents of our workforce and our ability to harness our natural resources to create jobs.

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