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Ethnic Cleansing – Will Kyrgyzstan become the next Bosnia?

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For months, Kyrgyzstan has been in a state of unrest and upheaval.   Terror has seized entire neighborhoods, communities, and towns.  At least 179 people have been reported dead, though the actual number of deaths is speculated to be much greater.  An additional 200,000 have been displaced and 75,000 have fled to Uzbekistan in fear.  
Violence has erupted in much the same way that it did in Bosnia years ago – suddenly and swiftly.  Kyrgyz rioters attacked the Uzbek minorities, burning down their homes and businesses.  Entire neighborhoods have been burned to the ground, leaving thousands of people without a place they can call home and where they can feel safe.  In an attempt to keep out the violence, people have barricaded themselves in their neighborhoods.  Unfortunately, by doing so, they are also keeping out organizations that come to offer them aid.  To make matters worse, the Kyrgyz law enforcement is doing everything in its power to stop journalists from releasing stories and images of the atrocities taking place.

Although these horrible crimes are being committed against the Uzbek minority in Kyrgyzstan, the international community is doing nothing to stop them.  Unless action is taken to stop this violence immediately, it may very well escalate into genocide.   This time, the blame will be on the international community, which stood by once more and did nothing but watch, despite its promise of a “Never Again!” 

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