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According to the Urban Institute, the fastest growing segment of the United States’ child population is that of children born to immigrant parents. This has created the issue of children with the right to remain in the US while their parents stand a daily chance of being deported.

February is Chocolate Lover’s Month, in addition to being the month during which we celebrate Valentine’s Day.  It has been a long-time tradition to present one’s loved one with chocolates on Valentine’s Day. 

There may very well be a good reason for this practice – a study has shown that chocolate can make people experience more intense and longer lasting pleasure than kissing can.  This is especially true if one allows the chocolate to melt on one’s tongue.   

Chocolate contains certain chemicals that produce this effect – phenylethylamine and caffeine.  Phenylethylamine elevates the level of pleasure-arousing endorphins in the brain.  It is also for this reason that chocolate can become addicting. 

Whatever the reason may be, to make your significant other happy this Valentine’s Day, be sure to get them lots and lots of chocolate. 

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