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April 1: Time to File Your H-1B Visa Applications

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April 1 marks the time to apply for H-1B visas, for temporary work status.

What does April 1, the beginning of H-1B Season, mean?

Due to the recent AAO decision, many previously cap-exempt employers are expected to request H-1B visa numbers for their employees.  We anticipate that this will drive demand for the limited number of H-1B visas, and the H-1B cap will be reached significantly earlier this year than in years past. Potential employers of H-1B employees are encouraged to plan accordingly, and contact their immigration counsel immediately in order to file on April 1 for an October 1 start date.

H-1B’s are temporary work status for persons filling jobs requiring a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. They can be renewed for up to 6 years and longer when a Perm is also filed according to certain requirements. The petitioning employer must pay the employee the prevailing wage for that state and job description. Read more about H-1B visas here.

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