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DV-1 Lottery Selection and how Marriage Affects the Winner

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After DV-1 Lottery selection, what happens if the DV Lottery winner marries?

1.) For any changes (i.e. change of address, marriage, or new child) after winning the DV Lottery, the winner will need to update the Consulate detailing the new information.

2.) They will also need to pay additional immigrant visa fees for the new spouse/child. The new addition will also have to submit DS 230 forms.

3.) The US Government will closely scrutinize any marriages that occur after the Applicant has won the DV Lottery for potential fraud. It’s important for the new spouse to come to the interview as well.

Marriage After Winning The DV Lottery.

Marrying after applying to the diversity visa will result in  a lot of credibility issues as well as additional paper work. Sometimes the visa lottery interview will give you disappointment even if your marriage is genuine. Normally when you applied for the U.S. diversity visa program you were single.

After winning the selection for the visa lottery you also had to be sure that you were within the winning numbers.  Now you are saying that you are married to a person and maybe that this  person has children too from the previous marriage.  So if you are an interviewing consular officer will you believe this story? Or will you think that the person is helping someone to get the USA visa by paying some money to the winner?

United States State Department takes these kinds of frauds very seriously. Their consular officers are well trained and well informed about these kinds of marriages. So don’t go along with any of these ideas.  If you feel they are asking you to support illegal activities don’t hesitate to contact the local consular office and the police.

So in these cases you must proof that the marriage took place and it is legal and true. You have to provide all the documents and evidences to proof it. Other wise you will lose your visa and your visa fees too. If you are going to provide a fake marriage think about your future, once you are caught you will not only face criminal charges but also will be banned from applying any kind of visas to the USA.

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