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“I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul”             Recently the movie produced by Clint Eastwood starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon has gained much acclaim. The movie comes on the wake of South Africa hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup.  Soccer has been one of the most democratic […]

Border Security is NOT Immigration Reform


President Obama has been conferring with the Republicans in Senate and has come to the decision that he will send 1,200 National Guard troops to increase security at the US-Mexico border. Furthermore, he will also request $500,000,000 in order to have more personnel and technology down at the border.  His reason for doing so is […]

Religious Persecution is Widespread, Report Warns


Religious persecution – The toughest restrictions on the right to worship come from otherwise repressive governments which target religious minorities. Americans should do all they can to highlight religious persecution and aid foreign believers seeking the right to worship God as they believe appropriate.

Are You Eligible for a U-Visa as a Victim of a Crime?


The ultimate goal of the U-Visa is to provide for the protection of the victims of serious crimes and assist in the prosecution of the perpetrators by encouraging voluntary cooperation with law enforcement to resolve investigations.

United They Fall, Separated They Stand


Americans have long seen George Washington, first president of the United States, as a defender of political liberty and independence, and founder of this nation. He merits, however, to also be acknowledged as a proponent of individual religious liberty.

Children of Immigrants Suffer Too – Part 6


Changes for young adults, small business owners, workers in large companies, low-income earners, pre-existing conditions and for the elderly will occur within the new healthcare reform. ALL of these groups have parents, children, siblings or grandchildren who will be affected within the immigrant nuclear family.