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California Gov. Brown Signs Immigration Bills

immigrant rights


“As advocates rally across the nation today to urge Congress to adopt comprehensive immigration reform, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed legislation to enhance school, workplace and civil protections for California’s hardworking immigrants. “While Washington waffles on immigration, California’s forging ahead,” said Governor Brown. “I’m not waiting.” Immigration reform advocates are rallying today in cities […]

Immigration Reform and the State of the U.S. Psyche

Immigration Reform


By: Parand Kashani The Washington Post published an article last week discussing immigration reform and U.S. strength and security. The article, written by Robert Kagan, gave an in-depth analysis on the debate over immigration policies, and discussed the current Senate bill in light of these considerations. Kagan discussed how immigration debates can tell us a […]

Senate Dems To Obama: Stop Deporting DREAM Act Students


Posted April 14, 2011 from Huffington Post WASHINGTON — Leading Senate Democrats, including Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.), called on the president on Wednesday to stop deporting undocumented young people who grew up in the United States. A letter signed by 22 Senate Democrats asks President Barack Obama to use his executive authority to prevent […]

May Day…an Immigration Issue?


May Day (May 1) is not a holiday usually celebrated in the United States, yet it has significance for Americans because of the reform efforts in the United States to demand equality in the work force.