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Dispossession through Deportation


A recent report released by the humanitarian advocacy group, No More Deaths  states that of the 400,000 people deported from the United States during the fiscal year 2013, nearly one third were deported without their personal belongings and money.  This is a serious issue that often goes unreported and continues under the radar, since these […]

Opening a Window for Asylum Claims Based on Family Ties


In Aldana-Ramos v. Holder, just issued on June 27, 2014, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit held that family alone can constitute a particular social group, and thus an asylee who has been persecuted on account of his or her family membership can qualify for asylum. In Aldana-Ramos v. Holder, the […]

Living in Car Culture Without A License: The Ripple Effects of Withholding Driver’s Licenses from Unauthorized Immigrants

driver's license


The Immigration Policy Center recently published an article entitled, “Living in Car Culture Without A License: The Ripple Effects of Withholding Driver’s Licenses from Unauthorized Immigrants,” by Sarah E. Hendricks. This timely article examines the culture of cars and mobility that dominates the way of life in the United States and the impacts of restricting […]

Benefited Not Burdened: Immigrants’ Impact on the DC-VA-MD Area

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Immigrants, both authorized and unauthorized, contribute greatly to the economies of the District of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland. With close to 1.8 million immigrants in the DC-VA-MD[1] area, immigrants are helping to revitalize the economy through entrepreneurship, consumer spending, and by contributing to the tax base. Economic activity, consumer spending, and job creation are extremely […]

American Immigration Council Challenges BIA Decision Denying Miranda-like Warnings to Immigrants Under Arrest


Washington, D.C.—On Friday, the American Immigration Council challenged a decision by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) ruling that immigrants who are arrested without a warrant do not need to receive certain Miranda-like warnings before being interrogated. Under federal regulations, immigration officers must advise such noncitizens of the reason for their arrest, of their right […]



In recent years, the increasing rate of large-scale immigration has altered local communities all around the world, disrupting many countries’ notions of national identity. In some cases, this has caused extreme anxiety and social unrest in affected communities. In many European nations, the local populations feel that globalization is weakening their cultures, and are thus […]

Immigrants Contribute to Maryland Economy


A recent report from The Commission to Study the Impact of Immigrants in Maryland found that immigrants have a positive impact on Maryland’s economy. The foreign-born population makes up nearly 14 percent of Maryland’s total population. This number is above the national average of foreign-born people in the United States, as well as the foreign-born […]

Canada Seeks Skilled Immigrants to Strengthen Its Economy


    As an estimated large fraction of the Canadian workforce retires this coming year, Canada is expected to suffer a shortage of workers. Statistics show that there will not be enough new workers to fill in for all the people retiring. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has declared that there is a way to avoid […]

What happens to Immigrants with Mental Disabilities in Removal Proceedings?


     With little safeguards, each year many non-citizens or even U.S. citizens have been ordered removed without access to counsel and without any clinical analysis. This is a clear violation of both the Fifth Amendment Equal Protection Clause, and of the Fourth Amendment Due Process Clause.      In Lyttle v.US in December 2010, a U.S. […]

Four Brief Synopsis on recent Events concerning Immigration


Chamber of Commerce of the United States v. Whiting (Sup. Ct. oral arg. on Wed.) “Plain English Issue: An Arizona law requires state employers to check the immigration status of job applicants through a federal computer database, although the federal law creating the database makes its use voluntary. Arizona also revokes the business license of […]