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Same-Sex Spouses’ Right to Equal Protection


By: Maureen Johnson* Recent polls and statements by political leaders including President Obama demonstrate a growing trend in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. As of this writing, same-sex marriages are nationally recognized in 13 countries worldwide. Nine states and the District of Columbia allow gay marriage. Nevertheless, current laws in the majority of U.S. states […]

Same-Sex Marriage Becoming Mainstream? What Does it Mean for Immigrants?


By: Helena Coric*  The 2012 Presidential election produced great advances in the fight for marriage equality as legislation passed in the states of Minnesota, Maryland, Maine, and Washington. The significance of these results is that for the first time voters supported the measure at the polls, instead of it simply being limited to the authority […]

“Elephant” no longer an Endangered Species


by Danielle Beach House- 239/183 Senate- 46/49 Gubernatorial- 10 new seats for Republicans The May 2009 Time magazine cover page declared that Republicans were an “endangered species”.  Last night, the new Majority Leader of the House John Boehner – who is replacing Nancy Pelosi – declared that it is a repudiation of democrats and Obama’s […]