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Executive Office of Immigration Review ( EOIR) backs off Telephone Security Initiative

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In September 2010 EOIR announced a plan to require information such as a charging document date to be entered into the system to be able to access basic information on respondents.  This information currently available at 1800 898 7180  enables anyone to access a new hearing date, time and location by entering an Alien number of nine digits belonging to the respondent.    The information provided also at times gave additional information such as whether or not an appeal or motion to reopen was pending and if respondent had been ordered removed it gave the date.

Chief Judge O’Leary at the Board of Immigration Appeal and others of EOIR announced that this system did not provide security or confidentiality.  However, due to massive complaints by both attorneys from AILA and others, the system will remain the same but other security features may be added.  Fortunately, phase two was discontinued in October. 

Here are several reasons why this attorney personally feels that the current program is effective:

1)      When seeing a new client who does not understand or know what is happening in their case it provides a quick frame of reference

2)      Respondents who move often frequently may not have received a hearing notice and can thus check to see if they have a court date

3)      Consequences of missing a court date are severe and often unforgiving, this information benefits both attorney and client

4)      If a client has moved or changed venue it allows the client  or attorney to locate where the case is currently or was last

5)      It protects clients/respondents from unscrupulous or uncommunicative attorneys who may not have contacted the client about a hearing

6)      Identifies whether an appeal has been filed or whether a motion to reopen was filed and whether it was denied or granted

7)      Identifies the particular judge before whom the respondent will have to appear.

Access to the new system is thus identical to the original system.  If you find any information in this blog or others that you read helpful please let us know.

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