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Morton Promises to Investigate ICE Racial Profiling in Detroit

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U.S. Immigration and Customs EnforcementCommunity activist Angela Reyes said ICE Director John Morton promised to do a case-by-case and systemic review of the agency’s enforcement policies.

Ruben Torres, 45, a Detroit Public Schools engineer, also told of being stopped by an unmarked ICE vehicle as he attempted to get onto northbound Lodge on March 24. Torres said the agent was not wearing a uniform and was in an unmarked vehicle. He said the agent told him he was stopped because his license plate indicated he had an expired visa. Torres, a third-generation Mexican-American, said he didn’t have a visa because he is an American-born citizen. “I pulled out my Social Security card,” said Torres of Detroit. “He continued to ask me about my citizenship.” Torres’ frustration was echoed by Reyes, the executive director and founder of the Detroit Hispanic Development Corp. on Trumbull in Detroit. She said she takes her passport with her at all times in case she is stopped by ICE agents. “Even though my family’s been here over 100 years, I’m afraid I’m going to be deported,” Reyes said. “It’s racial profiling.”

Detroit News, Apr. 16, 2011.

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