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DACA final rule takes effect this month


On Halloween this year, the Biden administration’s final regulation on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) went into effect. The final version of this rule closely reflects the original executive order enacted in 2012 during the Obama Administration. So, what is deferred action? Deferred action is a longstanding immigration practice that is granted by the […]

New migration pathway for Venezuelans


On October 12, the path to citizenship for Venezuelan immigrants changed significantly: the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced a new immigration procedure due to the surge in migration from Venezuela. In its effort to build a “fair, orderly, and secure immigration system,” the Biden-Harris administration has mandated that any Venezuelan who seeks to enter […]

Rollback of “public charge” immigration penalty


On September 8, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a final rule on how DHS will enforce the public charge ground of inadmissibility. This rule clarifies what it means to be a “public charge”, and furthermore no longer punishes immigrants who choose to access government services. This move by the Biden Administration rolls […]

The Unfortunate Realities of the U.S. Immigration Courts


Most of the general public is not aware of the way in which immigration courts function in the United States.  With all the discussion in the media concerning undocumented child migrants and increased deportations, the realities of the current immigration court system should be more publicized.  According to the National Association of Immigration Judges (NAIJ) […]

Enhancing the Lives of Unaccompanied Minors


According to CNN, every day, hundreds of unoccupied minors cross the southwest border into the United States via rafts with instructional guides on how to reach the Border Patrol station to surrender in search of a better life. Usually, once at the station, they are given paperwork and admitted into the United States with a […]

Living in Car Culture Without A License: The Ripple Effects of Withholding Driver’s Licenses from Unauthorized Immigrants

driver's license


The Immigration Policy Center recently published an article entitled, “Living in Car Culture Without A License: The Ripple Effects of Withholding Driver’s Licenses from Unauthorized Immigrants,” by Sarah E. Hendricks. This timely article examines the culture of cars and mobility that dominates the way of life in the United States and the impacts of restricting […]

Employment Authorization for Certain H-4 Dependent Spouses


Spouses and children who qualify for dependent nonimmigrant classification of H-1B are eligible for H-4 nonimmigrant visa status. However, unlike the spouses of E and L nonimmigrant visa status holders, H-1B dependent spouses are ineligible to apply for employment authorization. Being ineligible for employment authorization causes huge impact on lives of H-1B spouses as they […]

USCIS Introduces Form I-910 and Centralizes the Civil Surgeon Application Process

Immigration Reform


USCIS has implemented a new process to receive and adjudicate applications for civil surgeon designation centrally at the National Benefits Center. This process change requires physicians seeking civil surgeon designation to file a formal application at a USCIS Lockbox. Centralizing the civil surgeon application process will: Improve the application intake process; Enhance USCIS’s ability to […]

Time to fix our immigration courts


By John Gossart Jr. It remains to be seen whether the United States Congress can muster the responsibility and will to do what is right and achieve comprehensive immigration reform this year. Republican leadership in the House of Representatives continues to hold immigration reform hostage, most recently justifying inaction by blaming President Obama’s alleged track […]